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Before we begin the Big Trip

Well, we’ve thought about it… talked about it… put it off… been skint… had kids… put it off… talked about it… you get the idea.

So for the last, ooh, 17 years Gilly & I have kicked around the idea of pressing pause on reality and going travelling. In February 2011 I snuck in a “sabbatical” request form to the corporate HR powers that be et voila! Okay, that was easy – too easy perhaps – so we approached the school. Gilly being a teacher helped as we got the permission there too. Okay, time to check the piggy bank. After selling the motorbike, cashing in a few things and turning a blind eye to the bills we could just about afford the tickets. What about the house? No problem, a house sitter magically appears!

Matthew of Trailfinders (Oxford) was descended upon and – the man’s a star! – we figured a route around the world. Google “Escapade” and that’s the ticket we ended up with.

It’s an 84 day, Gilly, me and the kids ticket to ride. Come February, we are heading to India, Singapore, Borneo, Oz, New Zealand, Hawaii, California to arrive back in Blighty in early May.

We’re deep into planning the what, where, who, how and when of – essentially – a series of once in a lifetime holidays back to back. (Once in a lifetime for us in the sense of the kids will only be this tender age once. In terms of funding we’re really fortunate, but I reckon many families spend the equivalent of our budget every couple of years. My story is that the years of camping, staying with friends, stay-cations and cheaps days out were worth it: we’re cashing in!)

Too much to tell in one sitting so I’ve set up this blog so that we can report, document, ramble and quip on the Big Trip. Expect stories from the whole crew.

Top tips welcome.

I pledge to bog in a stream-of-conciousness style – we ain’t no travel writers – and apologise for typos’n’whatnot.

Mr B

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