“Dizzy Delhi” by Josie & Morgan

George & Rosie meet world traveller Teddy-Ted from Germany at the Red Fort, DelhiDizzy Delhi!!

We arrived in Delhi after a long and sleepless flight! I threw up when we landed and was ill for the rest of the day. I also had jet lag because for me it was 3:00 in the morning but there it was, 8:30 in the morning!!! After we’d got lost and stared at, we got on the train and went to our hotel called ”The Hotel Deluxe” and I went straight to my sofa-bed. After about half an hour we decided that my stomach was probablly needing some plain food, so we headed into town to look at some of the resteraunts in Delhi. We went to Connaught Circus in a ”tuk-tuk” (3 wheeled taxi) and found an Indian restraunt. We shared some food which was hardly plain! Mum and Dad gave me some yummy looking pineapple which I took a big bite out of (big mistake)….AND MY MOUTH EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so spicy that I had a sore mouth for the rest of the evening. We had an amazing ride home in a cycle-rickshaw with Morgan and me at the back and Mum and Dad at the front. A small, old Indian man was pedalling! (We felt very sorry for him as it looked hard work and Dad was going to offer to peddle for him!)
After a good nights sleep we set off to go sight-seeing. First we caught a tuk-tuk to the Red Fort in Old Delhi on Valentines day where we saw the security with machine guns scanning us before we went in and even George the dragon and Rosie the bear had to be scanned!!! First we looked around the garden area and saw some cool animals which were parrots, eagles, hoppits, (I made that bird up because it hops alot) and best of all… TINY STRIPEY NORTH PALM SQUIRRELS!!! After we’d had our pictures taken about 100 times we realised that we were the only white kids around! Then a school of 400 kids from an Indian girl school came and we walked past them (BIG mistake) They all decided we were different and came up to us and shook our hands and talked to us. After all of them had shook my hand (it felt like it was going to fall off!) we went past the dome to the empty pond where we had a snack (cereal bar) but I didn’t eat all mine so I put it on the bench.

Here's the little chap trying a cereal bar

That’s when this squirrel came and sniffed it. I picked up the bit of cereal bar and broke it into little pieces. It picked up the biggest piece and ran off then another came, and another, and another, until there was none left.
By Josie

Next we went to a gigantic Mosque called Jama Masjid.

It wasn't this busy when we were there!

We had to take our shoes off and carry them in. Inside there was a big pool where people washed their hands and feet. Loads of pigeons were flying and landing on the floor because there was birdseed everywhere. We decided to climb a really big tower and there were thousands of steps to get to the top. My legs got tired after a while. When we got to the top, Mum was very scared because it was so high and you could see the whole of Delhi! There were black eagles surrounding us because it was so high in the air.
In Delhi my favourite thing was riding on the rickshaws.
By Morgan

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5 thoughts on ““Dizzy Delhi” by Josie & Morgan

  1. Debbie

    Glad i didn’t try the pineapple! The squirrel looks cute and suggly. Love you, miss you, Mash x


  2. Dave Iddles

    If you turn your watch upside down in India you see what time it is in UK.
    Right clever that. Beth is of course well travelled in the area.
    Have booked a weekend camping for your return just in case you are fed up with all of the luxury.
    Looking forward to more instalments.


    • Mr Iddles: you are – as ever – a right-clever genius. I will tell Gilly that factoid and pretend I thought of it myself. Give Beth a monkey-scrub from me. We know she loves that kind of thing.


    • Will pretend Josie & I thought of that factoid to impress she-who-must be obeyed. Give Beth a monkey-scrub from us!


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