Crazy Coconuts in Cochin by Josie

We stayed at Fort Kochi for two nights at Good Karma Homestay. On one of the days we went on a ferry (small one) and it only cost us 3p each (2 rupees).  When we got off the ferry we walked past a stall crowded with lots of locals. When we finally pushed through the crowd (it wasn’t easy) we saw a man next to a big pile of coconuts!!!

Can you spot George?

I chose a big green coconut and gave it to the man and first he chiseled a small hole in it and then stuck in a straw. He passed it back to me, I didn’t really like it (unlike Dad who drank it for me!)

Dad drinking coconut milk

When there was no juice left in it we gave it back to the man who then chopped the coconut in half to reveal white squidgy coconut flesh then he chopped off a bit of coconut shell and  gave it to us as a spoon!!!

Check out the freshly made spoon!

Eating the tasty coconut flesh: yum!

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8 thoughts on “Crazy Coconuts in Cochin by Josie

  1. G/Pat.

    Splendid blog Josie. Great photos. Don’t think I liked coconut milk either – far as I remember it was very watery. Keep sending your blogs – I am enjoying them very much. Love to all. GrannyPat xxxx


  2. Lesley

    Hi Josie Your trip sounds really fun and I don’t like coconut either! Back to school tomoro, you’re sooo lucky you don’t have to go. Missing you Con xxx


    • Hi Connie thanks for the message I’m really tired because we’ve just been on a four hour bus ride!!! Tell everyone at school I’m really enjoying myself here in India and check out my blog every day!!! Love Jojo!xxx


  3. Stella & Jon

    Hi Josie
    Really great photos, George looks very relaxed amongst the coconuts, hope you remembered to pick him up. We tried fresh coconut when we were in Thailand, we’d had a storm and lots had fallen off the trees so the restaurant owner let us try them but we didn’t like them either!
    Really enjoying reading what you’ve been doing and seeing your photos – so keep sending them.
    Stella & Jon


  4. Jennifer Creese

    Dear Josie,
    Enjoying the photographs and comments – I love coconuts fresh out of the shell (pity they are so difficult to get at). George is enjoying the trip it seems! Hope everything is okay where you are now. Lots of love from Nana and Grandad.


  5. KatieR

    Hi Josie
    liking the review hope you are all having a lovely time with the coconuts ; )
    we are all missing you at school especially Martha and I.
    have a lovely time
    Katie R


    • Hi Kk. We are having a lovely time here in Madurai. I am having fun with coconuts and the ELEPHANTS! I even had a bath with one! Read my next blog to find out more. Missing You. Jojo


  6. Zoe

    hi Jojo
    I check out your blog everyday its so cool


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