Relaxing River Rides by Morgan

We started by leaving the homestay in Kochi by taxi. After a long time in the taxi we finally arrived at the house boat.

We were on a houseboat just like this one

On the house boat my favourite thing was stroking the geckos when they were eating the bugs.

He was eating all the little bugs on the ceiling

I also liked fishing with the Indian men who worked on the boat. One of them was called Morgan! (Morhan)

We made fishing rods and went fishing

can you see the little fish we caught?

Dinner on our houseboat: Keralan traditional food yum!

This is a river taxi with lots of customers!


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8 thoughts on “Relaxing River Rides by Morgan

  1. G/Pat.

    Morgan – Your photos are brilliant – you must have had great fun trying to catch a fish, could you see them swimming in the water? Was the Geako cold or wet to touch?
    The food looks yummy, it has made me hungry so I will go and make my tea now. It is 5.30 on Sunday afternoon.

    Love to all. xxxx


  2. Jennifer Creese

    Dear Josie and Morgan,
    Thank you for the photos = they are lovely. The river boat looks amazing and Mum looks quite glamorous (if not a little hot and sticky). Grandad would love the food – looks good! Nana


  3. Neil Taylor

    Morgan the Taylors from Yorkshire are loving the Beer Blogs and its making us very jealous, it all sounds fantastic! x


  4. Zack

    Morgan – you are sooo lucky to stroke a gheko, I held a tiddly Lizard in POrtugal once but it died….Zack


  5. Stella & Jon

    Hi Morgan
    Looks like you’re all having a great time, the house boat looks fun, especially having geckos as house guests. Did you eat any of the fish you caught? All the food looks very yummy. Keep sending your photos and your blog. We look forward to reading the next one!
    Stella & Jon


  6. KatieR

    hey mog
    are youhaving a good time?
    it looks like it


  7. Zoe

    hi guys
    it looks like your having a great time
    missing you


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