Elephant fun in the Indian forest by Josie

While we were staying in Kerala, we went to see some elephants for a day. We took a tuk-tuk (who didn’t have a clue where he was going until he eventually asked for directions) to Elephant Junction where we decided to have a half an hour ride on two elephants around the whole park.

The first elephant that came along was a male (we could tell because of his massive tusks!) which Morgan and Mum went on.

Mog and Mum

Then a young girl elephant came along which me and Dad went on.

Josie and Dad

Me, Morgan and Dad thought the ride was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Mum on the other hand was completely terrified!!!

Once we got going Dad got out the camera to take some photos but before he could take one, we came to a halt as the elephant in front of us had stopped. We watched we waited until I whispered to Dad ” I think the elephant’s got a little bit of constipation!!!” Then plop… (you get the picture).

After our ride we fed our hungry elephants and got a very painful experience of fire ants as unfortunately me and Dad were the taste testers and were attacked!!!

Feeding her a watermelon

After a little show about elephant strength we went off to go and see them bath, (or so we thought). We followed the man to a shallow pool and the man said get undressed. Morgan was like yeah! I was like nooooo way!!! But he eventually got me undressed until I was only in my leggings then we went… scrubba scrubba dubba dubba scrubba dubba dub!!!!! As soon as we were told to get out me and Morgan thought let’s go get dry!

But it wasn’t over yet… The man asked who was going first and Morgan said me! Me! Me! Not knowing what was going to happen, so he got a boost on to the elephant’s back and said “what is going to…” SPLASH!!!!!!!! Before he could finish the sentence he got a nice cold shower out of an elephants nose and the same thing happened to me which I’m not going to explain but I will say this, you had to block your ears because I was shrieking with joy!!!

[Dad says: we have some videos… show you when we get home!]

By Josie!!!

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10 thoughts on “Elephant fun in the Indian forest by Josie

  1. May says ‘Sounds Amazing!’

    Jon says ‘what a delightful post! Go Josie!’


  2. G/Pat.

    Josie – what a wonderful experience – did you feel secure sitting on top of the elephant? Although having water squirted on to me out of an elephant’s trunk – not sure about that.
    Like your dress. Have you bought it in India? Is it called a dress, or has it got a proper name?


  3. Sue

    Guys you are soooo lucky to ride/bath elephants..wish I was there with you.

    Keep up the blogs
    Sue xxx


  4. sam

    Your ellie looks very pretty, Josie. I can see why Gilly was scared as she is really high up. Fire ants sound nasty are they big? Did you really eat one? We are making really big dragons at school with wood sticks and we are going to hang them up from the ceiling in the hall. We have a hockey tournament tomorrow so wish us luck. Georgia was the literacy class champion in class 3. Toby n Zack!


    • I didn’t eat an ant? The ant ate me! They were very big and bright red. Good luck with the hockey tournament and have fun making those dragons!
      Josie and Morgan x


  5. KatieR

    hey Josie
    i am really missing you the dragons are up on the ceiling and as scary as ever. We saw Bea at the hockey tournament. She didn’t say much about you but i am sure she misses you as much as we all do. I loved the postcard you sent us it only just arrived! Where are you know?
    See you in about 2 months


    • Hey kk
      I’m in borneo and I know bea misses me as I spoke to her on skype! Do you have skype? Love Josie miss u!xxxxxxx 🙂


  6. Madison Murphy

    Why will she see you in 2 months Josie? Madison xx


  7. Madison Murphy

    Oh yes it seems like you will not be gone for long but you will really. I will be glad when your back have you been to Los Angeles yet i have always wanted to go there

    Madison xx


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