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Inventory of things (a month down the road)

As of 14th March we’d been on the road a month, time for a quick count.

Random & Incomplete: this is a list not an audit.

(If you expect a proper audit a) be disappointed and b) seriously? Look in the mirror. Take a lonnnng look.)

Beerwah, Queensland, Australia.

Modes of transport:

  • Aircraft, train, bus (single & double-decker), car, taxi, mini-bus, tuk-tuk, ferry-boat, power-boat, cable car, metro, moped (pillion), houseboat, cycle-rickshaw, elevator, escalator, travelator, elephant.


  • Months on the road X 1
  • Months left to go X 2


  • 1 x Scuffed elbow: falling out of Mantanani Island hammock
  • 1 x Skinned shin: failed attempt at climbing into Mysore Express upper bunk
  • 1 X Skinned foot: falling over in uber-cool Hastings Street, Noosa with a surfboard
  • 1 X Splinter: barefoot in the beach-side
  • 1 X Bruised chops: bleeding nose/swollen lip after being dumped by a wave in Noosa
  • 3 X Barfs: travel sickness in the junior members of the party.

Sense of Humour Loss:

  • 3 (2 X Ian, 1 X Gilly)

    Rosie & George at the Red Fort


  • Indian Rupees, Singapore Dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Aussie Dollars


  • Airbus (A340,A330, A320 & A319) & Boeing (777 & 737)

Sleeping arrangements:

  • 6 X Aeroplane seats, 3 bed apartments (X2), B&B (homestays), Hotel suite (Delhi, it was cheap & cheerful), houseboat, railway berths, 1 x desert island hut on stilts, 1 x Keralan summer-house, 2 x separate (budget) hotel rooms (boys in one, girls in t’other), 1 x all in one room on beds & mattresses at cousin Karen’s.

Rental cars:

  • 1 X Perouda Viva 660cc (dreadful)
  • 1 X Toyota Camry 2200cc (luxobarge)

The latter cost less per day than the Viva due to a) the more competitive tourist hire market in Oz and b) the rental company general incompetence in actually giving us the smaller car we’d paid for.

Laugh out loud moments:

  • Too many to catalogue


Serious sunburn incidents:

  • Zero.

Ian did get a red heed in India but it wasn’t terminal. We are being mighty careful.

Incidences of drunken disorderliness:

  • Zero. We are responsible adults travelling with children.

[YOU! There! Why are you laughing?]


Calls home:

  • Telephone X hardly any
  • Skype X LOADS!


  • 1 (Ian)

Cut-throat shaves by wild-eyed, shaky handed Indian barber:

  • 1 (Ian. Any other name here would have been interesting?)

Legs waxing by lovely professional Australian beauty therapist:

  • 1 (Gilly.) See above comment.
Places of worship:
  • Loads!

Meals cooked by Ian:


  • 2 (as planned)
Meals cooked by Gilly?
  • Hahahahahahahaha.

Animals gawked at in the wild*:

  • Orang-utans, macaques, Indian elephants, numerous raptors (including fish eagles, sea eagles, black kites), geckos, green turtles, monitor lizards, Nemo (clown fish)
  • Exotic birds of all shapes and sizes [Authour resists cheap gag opportunity]

*Ones we wouldn’t get at home.


  • Days home schooling X┬áHeaps! (More than the kids would like eh chaps?)
  • Schools visited X 1
  • Educational moments: too numerous to count.

People gawking at Josie & Morgan:

  • India: thousands!
  • Borneo: dozens
  • Singapore: seven
  • Oz: zero

    Delhi School trip

Animals encountered in a way that makes you want to run:

  • 1 X Deadly spider.

(Walked into its web taking a short cut in the dark with the kids last night: panic all round. All spiders are out to get you here in Oz. General arachnophobia has ensued. Look out behind yoOoooU!)

Animals we’re waiting to encounter any moment now in the wild:

  • Koala, ‘roos, more deadly spiders.

Koalas cuddled:

  • 1 (Australia Zoo)

    Cuddle time!

Kangaroos massaged (which they seemed to enjoy):

  • 3 (Australia Zoo)

Kangaroos fed:

  • Many (Australia Zoo)

Elephants Ridden:

  • 2 (Kerala, India.)

Elephants Fed & Bathed:

  • 2 (Can’t do these things in Oz or pretty much anywhere else,need to go back to India. Now do you appreciate it kids? Do you?)

Spot the 'roos


  • Almost spot on (mainly thanks to Karen & Phil for putting us up in Noosa).

Days wearing a trouser;

  • NIL. (Shorts rule.)

Legs tanned:

  • None. We are still the whitest people on planet earth. This is no bad thing.

That is all.

(Like I said: Random, a list not an audit. We'll post more stuff as it wanders across our minds.)

If you’d like to see/hear other stats hit REPLY.

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