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Creature comforts in Noosa (by Gilly)

Well now I really feel like I’m on holiday…… White sandy beaches, clear blue sea, palm trees, tropical birds, ice creams and cappuccino on tap… you name it, it’s all here in Noosa (the holiday destination choice of many Aussies). Add to that a cool, laid back surf dude attitude and you get a pretty good picture of where we are currently staying.

Behold the Pacific Ocean!

I am feeling particularly tubby, spotty, poorly attired and uncool, as most females here are of the beautiful, toned, brown, barefoot, bikini clad type (and they can surf too)! My very practical and unfashionable wardrobe has served me well so far on this trip and I rarely bothered to glance in a mirror whilst in India or Borneo. However, here, I am seriously thinking of either a) buying new (overpriced) and somewhat more desirable clothing (“Think again” shouts Mr B from the other room), b) starting a strict diet and exercise regime (unlikely) or c) staying inside for the duration of our visit (too hot). I have already succumbed to having my rather hairy legs waxed!!! At least my grey roots aren’t showing yet and I can’t do much about my ‘butch lesbian’ hairdo, unless I have some extensions put in…… (apologies to any butch lesbians reading this).

(I can only thank Helen and Amanda for persuading me to buy the maxi dress I purchased a few days before we left the UK as it is the only slightly glamorous item of clothing I possess.)

The answer is, I decide, not to worry, not to look in the mirror and to get on with enjoying Australia! So I do.

Australia Zoo


We swim in the lovely sea, drink lots of lovely coffee, eat lovely ice cream, visit the lovely Australia Zoo and generally relax and chill out. All thanks to our lovely hosts (Karen, Phil, Kate and Adam) who put up with us for a week and feed us most nights with lovely home-cooked food like Spaghetti Bolognese and Kangaroo. (The latter being both cute and tasty.)

Next stop Toowoomba (yes, this really is a place!)

Chilled 'Roo

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