Six Nations: Grand Slam joy as Wales beat France

Wales celebrate the Grand Slam with the Six Nations trophy

We were asleep in Toowoomba, Queensland when this happened.

In future years I will be proudly able to say…

And I wasn’t there.

Thanks to the BBC for the piccy.

Thanks to Chris & Lea for putting us up!

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4 thoughts on “Six Nations: Grand Slam joy as Wales beat France

  1. Jen and Colin Creese

    Colin loved the game – at least it keeps him out the garden for an hour or two and I can “do my own thing” without comment! I have a bad back and shoulder today – serves me right!
    Happy Mothers Day Gilly. Nicky, Rob, Frankie, Peter, Helen and tribe are coming for lunch today and Dad has cooked lunch (something spicey of course). I make the pudding.
    Love to you all, Mum


  2. G/Pat.

    Enjoyed the game. Did wonder at one point if Wales would pull it off. Also enjoyed the other two games. Poor old Scotland got the wooden spoon. At least Italy are off the bottom rung. Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day, Gilly.


  3. The Mollets

    Me and my brother (A)….er not Anthony… Sang extra lustily to make up for your absense. Look forward to hearing how scared the ozzies now are of meeting us in the world cup. What’s that? Not very?!…
    Glad to hear the LOL moments are easily out numbering the sense of humour failures! See you in ages,


  4. It was an absolute pleasure having you stay with us. Harry was a bit shocked to see you were already gone when he woke up — I think he really enjoyed Morgan and Josie’s company, as did Daisy.
    Hope you made your flight without too much stress and are enjoying Sydney.


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