A Room with a View by Josie and Morgan

From our window we see……

The Sydney Harbour Bridge standing giant and strong
The huge white shells of the Opera House reflecting the sunlight
Two trains trundling over the bridge
Bustling ferries on the shimmering sea
A beautiful city with the tallest buildings we have ever seen stretching up to the sky
Tiny people walking at the top of the big black bridge
Two Australian flags blowing in the wind
Colourful, chirping lorikeets walking through the window and into our kitchen!
A helicopter flying swiftly past with planes high above the city
Big birds with long, black, worm like beaks flying past our window
Cars driving in the distance like cockroaches scuttling
The sun shines over Sydney
It’s the start of a brand new day.
At night-time, we see….
Colourful lights reflecting in the water
The city sparkling like jewels in a crown
Flying foxes swooping across the sky
Silent waves lapping the shore
Flashing red lights on top of tall buildings
All is quiet at the end of the day in Sydney.

THE Opera House from outside our front door.

Harbour Bridge & Opera House by night from our kitchen window

Rainbow Lorikeets on our windowsill

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5 thoughts on “A Room with a View by Josie and Morgan

  1. G/Pat.

    Dear Josie and Morgan – what a lovely atmospheric essay and what a wonderful view from your holiday home. You are now part of a select few to be able to say you had that view from your flat. Don,t think Dad could have picked a better spot. Did Dad get your holiday home through Airbnb?
    For his info, an article on page 18 of Wednesday, 21 March, Times says that Airbnb has purchased its strongest UK rival, Crashpadder an “on-line peer-to-peer accommodation website”.
    I like the photos, particularly the one incorporating both the opera house and bridge.
    Hope Morgan’s finger has recovered after the lorikeet fancied it for its breakfast, and that you all had a good night’s sleep.
    Loads of love to you all and enjoy your last day in Oz. xxxx + xx for Rosie and George.


  2. nicky

    Well, Josie and Morgan I can see that skipping school so far has had no bad effects on your English, just the opposite judging by your beautifully written blogs! It makes me want to jump on a plane and join you all!! We are all missing you, especially Frankie who keeps pointing to your picture and is’nt content until she has carefully examined it (usually with grubby chubby hands!) It is Sunday morning here (25th March) I am sat outside at 10am and it is HOT….yes its March and its very sunny and warm. Our outside thermometer reads 28 degrees but Rob says its wrong more like 15/16. Still not bad!!
    Evie has started work at the leisure centre this weekend., She has a really snotty cold and a tickly cough so lets hope she does’nt sneeze and splutter all over the customers or her receptionist days may be over before they start!!
    Well look after Mum and Dad, they are probably getting a bit grumpy by now so give them an extra hug!!

    Lots of love Aunty Nicky and the rest of the Thomas/Davies clan.XXXXXXXXX


  3. Madison Murphy

    Wow them birds are so nice

    Madison. xxxxxxx


  4. poprockgirl3103

    Hey Josie
    I don’t know whether you have seen it but i posted you a message and you haven’t messaged me back yet so i am messaging you again know.
    Can i email you sometime?
    What is your email?
    What is your skype name?
    Missing you lots, i heard you phoned up Martha that was really nice of you
    Love you,



    • I have sent you an email, have you got it? I’ll send you another with our skype name but don’t forget that we are 12 hours ahead of you!
      Missing you!
      Josie xxx


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