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Bat safari!

In Sydney my Dad and me (Morgan) went on a scary, noisy and fun…BAT SAFARI!!!

First we went on a ferryboat and then we walked down to the botanical gardens. After that, we walked through where they pooped the most then went into a garden where we saw a water lizard and lots of flying foxes (Big Bats!) hanging in the trees.

Hanging out!

There are 23,000 flying foxes in the gardens and their wing span is 1metre long. The people are trying to get rid of some of them as they are destroying the trees! It was very noisy because the big bats made shrieking sounds as they woke up.

Flying Foxes waking up.

I enjoyed watching them flying around with Dad.

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A night at the opera

In Sydney Mum and I went to the opera house to see “The Magic Flute” opera by Mozart.

Josie at Sydney Opera House

It was a real treat because the tickets were quite expensive! So when we got off the ferry we had tea (McDonalds) that was ten dollars, then we headed up to the opera house and after we’d had our tickets checked we went to wait. We were the first people there!!! So before it got too busy Mum bought a glass of wine which was the same amount of money as our meal (10 dollars!).

Once Mum had finished her wine we went to see the sun set. From the balcony, The Opera house seemed to come alive! All the lights came on and the city dazzled like stars, this was when it began to get busy so Mum and I went to look around. The opera house was massive! I felt like a queen! Even in the loo! After my royal pee we decided to go upstairs to our theatre. We took the lift instead of the stairs but there was no roof! So it looked like the ceiling was going to squash us! But it didn’t (luckily!)

Wine o'clock

So after our royal and frightening experience we went to find our seats. Once we’d found our seats the show began….. it was amazing! It was funny, dramatic and beautiful all at the same time! There were high singers, low singers, dancers , puppets and an amazing orchestra!

I loved it!!!

THANK YOU MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 girls ready for culture

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