A night at the opera

In Sydney Mum and I went to the opera house to see “The Magic Flute” opera by Mozart.

Josie at Sydney Opera House

It was a real treat because the tickets were quite expensive! So when we got off the ferry we had tea (McDonalds) that was ten dollars, then we headed up to the opera house and after we’d had our tickets checked we went to wait. We were the first people there!!! So before it got too busy Mum bought a glass of wine which was the same amount of money as our meal (10 dollars!).

Once Mum had finished her wine we went to see the sun set. From the balcony, The Opera house seemed to come alive! All the lights came on and the city dazzled like stars, this was when it began to get busy so Mum and I went to look around. The opera house was massive! I felt like a queen! Even in the loo! After my royal pee we decided to go upstairs to our theatre. We took the lift instead of the stairs but there was no roof! So it looked like the ceiling was going to squash us! But it didn’t (luckily!)

Wine o'clock

So after our royal and frightening experience we went to find our seats. Once we’d found our seats the show began….. it was amazing! It was funny, dramatic and beautiful all at the same time! There were high singers, low singers, dancers , puppets and an amazing orchestra!

I loved it!!!

THANK YOU MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 girls ready for culture

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5 thoughts on “A night at the opera

  1. Jennifer Creese

    What a lovely experience Jose – your grand night of culture.Your descriptions were just perfect and gave us an insight and taste of a visit to the grand Opera House. Your English (thanks to Mum and Dad) is improving all the time. Love, Nana and Grandad. XX


  2. G/Pat.

    Josie – what a wonderful blog and what an amazing time you must have had, bet you and mum had great difficulty taking it all in. Can’t imagine what that lift was like, you will have to describe it to me when you are back in Great Britain. I love the photos, you’ll have the biggest photo album ever. Keep sending the blogs I am really enjoying them.

    Loads of love to you and Morgan, Mum, Dad, Rosie and George. xxxxxx


  3. We are Jon, Ann and May, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in a very small ‘resort’ on the northern coast of the Greek Pelepponese — a resort that lacked a single restaurant — and (to get to the point) we all think this is lovely! Well done, Gilly and Josie!


  4. poprockgirl3103

    Hey Josie
    I am loving the dress you were wearing! Where did you get it from?
    Thank you so much for emailing me so often.
    Have a good time in New Zealand.
    Love you lots



  5. nicky

    What an amazing girls night out!! Sidney Opera House sounds amazing Josie, Im very jealous!!

    lots of love
    Nicky Rob, Evie and Frankie Xxxxx


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