Bat safari!

In Sydney my Dad and me (Morgan) went on a scary, noisy and fun…BAT SAFARI!!!

First we went on a ferryboat and then we walked down to the botanical gardens. After that, we walked through where they pooped the most then went into a garden where we saw a water lizard and lots of flying foxes (Big Bats!) hanging in the trees.

Hanging out!

There are 23,000 flying foxes in the gardens and their wing span is 1metre long. The people are trying to get rid of some of them as they are destroying the trees! It was very noisy because the big bats made shrieking sounds as they woke up.

Flying Foxes waking up.

I enjoyed watching them flying around with Dad.

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7 thoughts on “Bat safari!

  1. Jennifer Creese

    The bats look enormous Morgan and quite scary! Hope you kept your hat on.
    Love, Nana and Grandad. XX


  2. G/Pat.

    My word Morgan, those bats look really scary. Hope they did not poop on you or dad and, as Nana says, I hope you kept your hats on. Could you hear them flapping their wings and anyway, are they called wings? Did they fly close to your heads? I wonder what they eat. I bet you did enjoy your evening, must make the bats in Ogbourne seem insignificant.

    Loads of love to you and Josie, Mum, Dad, George and Rosie. xxxxxx


    • They are fruit bats and feast on figs apparently. They’ll fly up to 30km in a night foraging for juicy treats. They flew wherever it pleased them, pretty close on occasion. We also watched them swoop past the window of our apartment. They fly in the day too: its a species that’s not reliant on echo-location. Their eyes work just fine. They are very noisy when they all get restless at around dusk. But they have competition in the Botanical Gardens for decibels in the form of a flock of Cockatoos…


  3. Helen

    We are LOVING reading your wonderful blogs!! Those bats look bigger than Ava??!! And well done, Gilly, on getting your priorities right; MacDonalds for Josie, v expensive wine for mum!!

    Such a wonderful travelogue – keep ’em coming!

    Love to you all, Pete, Helen, Ava and Devon xxxx


  4. Ian Jordan

    I suppose we should call Ian…Batman !

    Really enjoy the travelogue


    Ian,Charlotte& Elliot


  5. Madison

    Wow there good bats haha! How did you get so close to get those wonderful pictures? How long until your back?:)

    Madison Murphy xxxxxx


  6. Harley Colsell

    Wow! That sounds really fun wish I was there. I love bats especially since they scare my brother


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