Items in our rucksacks that have been invaluable by Gilly

Rucksacks themselves have been brilliant (thanks to the staff at Cotswold Outdoors in Cirencester)

Credit card – has taken a bashing

Passports and visas – wouldn’t have got far without them

Walking shoes – worth every penny

Single duvet covers and pillow cases – used most nights to sleep in, whilst in India

Sarong (thanks for the tip Stella) – most useful on the beach and sitting on in India (plastic bus and taxi seats get very hot!!)

Suncream, sunglasses and hats – to protect the pale Beer skin

Umbrella – for sun and rain

Maxi dresses for the girls – it’s important to feel a little bit glamorous at times

Wet wipes – used to ‘wash’ the kids with in India and keep hands clean

Quick drying travel towels – needed for the beach and cheap motels (where no towels provided)

Headtorch – great for night walks and when there is a power cut!

Tissues – needed in India for girls when we were ‘caught short!’

Laptop – downloading photos, emails, blogging, skyping, storing guides, itineraries etc,etc.

Nail scissors – (why do nails grow so much quicker on holiday??) Also used by kids for cutting out stuff. Remember not to leave in hand luggage though, as I did with my first pair and was marched to security in Singapore airport!

E books – reading in airports, long journeys on the beach etc

Electrical tape – wrapping up belongings to fit in the bags, verrucae cure

Card game (WHOT) – played with kids on long journeys and used to make card towers

Rosie – for Josie

Nintendo – for Morgan

GSOH (Good Sense of Humour) Essential when travelling for 85 days with your family!

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One thought on “Items in our rucksacks that have been invaluable by Gilly

  1. G/Pat.

    Great list. re: scissors – yes, it is a bummer when you forget that you have them in your hand luggage.


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