Kiwi cultural anomoly that could land you in a spot of bother #17

Mine’s a large one.

Kiwi cultural anomaly that could land you in a spot of bother #17.

Drinking someone elses booze.

Surely a faux pas anywhere you plaintively cry?

Well, yessss, but just so you’re aware… if you turn up to a barbecue/dinner party/social evening in NZ you bring your own.

Not an offering. Not a gesture. You bring your own drinks and drink them. Then be sure to take the leftovers home with you.

With a glint in my eye am thinking of several Brits who’d get in serious trouble here. (You know, those who pitch up with a bottle of Blue Nun and then mainline your Chablis.)

Stories are relayed where new arrivals, fresh off the boat, have gone for a bite to eat and been given increasingly cold shoulderness by their hosts. This gets worse as they help themselves to the resident vino whilst ignoring their own.


Although part of me loves the British awkwardness that would ensue from such a situation. Whole ’70s sitcoms are built on a lesser premise…

I’ll blog about other differences in due course.

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