Sumner Lovin’

Blog titles are a thing aren’t they? What to entitle ones missive? For me, musical puntastic thoughts often ensue when thinking about a place.

Where are we? Well, Oz is a whole Tasman Sea away now and we are in Kiwiland.

Sumner dew

We’ve been in Canterbury for a few days and the blog-song-title choices are multiple. Sumner is a village/suburb to the South East of Christchurch that we’ve gone all misty eyed and gooey kneed about it, hence the heading you can see above.

Whassit like? It’s like the Mumbles is to Swansea. Cream to Peaches. Peters to Lee. Adam to The Ants. [Enough already.] The rental car proprietor at the airport comments that nearby Redcliff are where all the British doctors live. (And this from Singaporean! “I come to Noo Zealand to downshift and now I work harder than evah!”)

We are hosted by Helen, Stuart and their boys Lockie & Cam. As friends of friends we are really pushing the envelope in terms of hospitality, yet they make us feel so very at home we have an instant feel of daily life here.

The Murrays and the Beers

Home cooking, a few beers, rugby, the kids even get to visit the boys school for a morning. (The Boys on Sumner?) I borrow a longboard and have a blissful session riding the glassy break at Scarborough Beach. (Lovely, clean 3′ surf allows me to recover my boardriding mojo after being beasted at Noosa.) We even get to ditch the kids for an hour to go for a grown-up coffee. (Sumnertime… and the livin’ is easy.) Like a grown ups date! Wow.

Sumner School

Blue skies and gentle breezes help. (Sumner Breeze, makes me feel fine.) The weather smiles upon us as we visit nearby bay Taylors Mistake – great name for a beach by the way – and get a brrrrrrrrracing dip in the ocean. (I am still awaiting for the plums to reappear, some hours later.) Whilst the weather is peasant, the air warm, the water temperature reminds us that the this island is in the southern ocean.

From the Murrays front door

There’s a villagey, community, chilled out feel to Sumner. In a good way.

However, it’s not just me on the pun trail in reference to this place.

Although it’s not a song, first prize goes to the local curry house: Indian Sumner.

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4 thoughts on “Sumner Lovin’

  1. martha

    wow, so jelous!!!
    next time take me with you (i’ll pay!!!!)
    miss you very much Josie
    loads of love mash xx


  2. martha

    not that long until you come back is it!!??
    loads of love (joise’s bff)

    mash xxx


  3. G/Pat.

    Wunderbar, wunderbar. What a happy photo with the two families. Is Sumner an arid place? Great idea for Josie and Morgan to visit the school.


  4. martha

    have fun at the school! If you go
    please check your email Ian (but it’s for Josie)


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