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My fantastic helicopter ride in Franz Josef by Morgan

When we were in Franz Josef Dad and I went up onto a massive glacier. How did we get there? By train,by bike,walk? No, we took a HELICOPTER!!! First the guide took us to the helicopter and I was allowed to sit in the front, next to the pilot! Then we took off.

We wore big headphones so the pilot could speak to us and it was very cool. The pilot told us where we were going and what we where doing. We flew up the valley to reach the glacier and then went up really, really high until we got to the top. The sky was blue and every other thing was white because it was all covered in snow.

The pilot landed us on a snow field then we got out of the helicopter and walked around it (click for a video). We landed on a big block of ice but it wasn’t slippery! It was like the gravel at the park. When we walked around it wasnt even that cold.

Then we got back into the helicopter and flew down the valley again and landed back in the town where Mum and Josie were waiting for us.

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A quick message…. to the technophobes.

For those of you who are less ‘familiar’ with email/internet technology – yes, I’m talking to you Mums, Sisters…. we’ve figured out what the ‘problems’ are with our blog.

There are no problems with the blog.

When you receive an eMail informing you that we have updated our blog/added a post, please go to the website to read the blog, rather than reading it as an eMail. Why?  This will save you from clicking on all the photos to view them and display the full glorious page as intended.

There should be a link in each eMail… Alternatively, click on www.aroundtheworldin84days.wordpress.com which will take you straight there.

Thank you



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Sweet New Zealand Fur seal pups by Josie

During the Easter weekend we stayed at the “Sans Souci Inn”,  in Pohara, Golden Bay (The ‘No Worries Inn’). On our last day we went to Whariki Beach near Farewell Spit.

After a long walk over the hills we came to a massive sand dune! (Fun going down, hard going up). It was really steep. So after jumping and rolling we went to see what a crowd of people were looking at near the sea…….

Seals! Tiny baby seal pups! The cutest things I’ve ever seen! They were playing and jumping in and out of the water! I loved them and got really close (it was worth getting a wet bum!!!) We stayed there for ages until the tide began to creep up the beach so we had to go.

Today, we were lucky enough to see more seal pups on our way to Kaikoura. There were loads of them swimming, playing, sleeping and scratching in the river. We walked along the river and at the end there was a massive waterfall and pools with even more seals having fun. I wanted to bring one home with me! They were so adorable.

Seals are now one of my favourite animals!!

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My drawings of the seal pups by Josie

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