A quick message…. to the technophobes.

For those of you who are less ‘familiar’ with email/internet technology – yes, I’m talking to you Mums, Sisters…. we’ve figured out what the ‘problems’ are with our blog.

There are no problems with the blog.

When you receive an eMail informing you that we have updated our blog/added a post, please go to the website to read the blog, rather than reading it as an eMail. Why?  This will save you from clicking on all the photos to view them and display the full glorious page as intended.

There should be a link in each eMail… Alternatively, click on www.aroundtheworldin84days.wordpress.com which will take you straight there.

Thank you



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2 thoughts on “A quick message…. to the technophobes.

  1. G/Pat.

    On the other hand – having opened the email I now scroll down to comments – click on comments and I see all the photos without having to click on them individually, but will have a go at what you suggest. Thanks.


  2. Ian Jordan

    No probs at my end,But I’m a man … the real test is Charlotte


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