My fantastic helicopter ride in Franz Josef by Morgan

When we were in Franz Josef Dad and I went up onto a massive glacier. How did we get there? By train,by bike,walk? No, we took a HELICOPTER!!! First the guide took us to the helicopter and I was allowed to sit in the front, next to the pilot! Then we took off.

We wore big headphones so the pilot could speak to us and it was very cool. The pilot told us where we were going and what we where doing. We flew up the valley to reach the glacier and then went up really, really high until we got to the top. The sky was blue and every other thing was white because it was all covered in snow.

The pilot landed us on a snow field then we got out of the helicopter and walked around it (click for a video). We landed on a big block of ice but it wasn’t slippery! It was like the gravel at the park. When we walked around it wasnt even that cold.

Then we got back into the helicopter and flew down the valley again and landed back in the town where Mum and Josie were waiting for us.

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6 thoughts on “My fantastic helicopter ride in Franz Josef by Morgan

  1. Wow! Visiting the glacier is awesome. Riding in the helicopter is awesome. But the both together — does it get any better than that? Another awesome installment in the best around-the-world trip.


  2. Ian Jordan

    Wow Morgan,you look so cool in those shades.What an experience


  3. G/Pat.

    Fabulous. The helicopter ride and walking on the glacier must be the two most thrilling things you have ever done? Getting to sit next to the helicopter pilot must have been so eye popping.


  4. Fantastic stuff. Franz Josef (and its near neighbour Fox) is awesome. Did you also walk through the valley to the glacier face? Proper geography in action – you don’t get that in textbooks!


    • NZ is like an actual living reality textbook. (There’s a clumsy phrase for you.) I actually sounded like a geographer when describing glaciology stood at the foot of the Franz Josef. Easy to explain when you’ve millions of tons of ice above you. Although I expect there was a bit more glacier when you were there a few short years ago? It’s retreating (melting) much faster than it’s advancing these days. The photos from the early C20th show it almost reaching the township…


      • Those old photos are incredible, aren’t they? We walked through the valleys at both FJ and Fox, and I remember it being remarkable just how ‘square’ the valley is. That was one mighty big ice cube!

        I also recall at one of the glaciers (FJ, I think) a party of photo-happy Americans ducking under the warning rope and strolling casually up to the face of the glacier to take some piccies – just as a not-that-small chunk of snow and ice fell off the top edge. They retreated fairly sharpish. Don’t mess with Mother Nature – she is beautiful, but she has a temper too … 🙂


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