Sweet New Zealand Fur seal pups by Josie

During the Easter weekend we stayed at the “Sans Souci Inn”,  in Pohara, Golden Bay (The ‘No Worries Inn’). On our last day we went to Whariki Beach near Farewell Spit.

After a long walk over the hills we came to a massive sand dune! (Fun going down, hard going up). It was really steep. So after jumping and rolling we went to see what a crowd of people were looking at near the sea…….

Seals! Tiny baby seal pups! The cutest things I’ve ever seen! They were playing and jumping in and out of the water! I loved them and got really close (it was worth getting a wet bum!!!) We stayed there for ages until the tide began to creep up the beach so we had to go.

Today, we were lucky enough to see more seal pups on our way to Kaikoura. There were loads of them swimming, playing, sleeping and scratching in the river. We walked along the river and at the end there was a massive waterfall and pools with even more seals having fun. I wanted to bring one home with me! They were so adorable.

Seals are now one of my favourite animals!!

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My drawings of the seal pups by Josie

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2 thoughts on “Sweet New Zealand Fur seal pups by Josie

  1. G/Pat.

    How incredibly lucky you were to chance on seeing the seals. They really are adorable. Your drawing is also very cute.


  2. Katie

    hey Josie
    i love your drawing of the seals it was so cute. I am so jealous.
    Can’t wait till i can see you again


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