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Fun at Universal Studios by Josie

WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE’RE GOING TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!!!!!!!!! That’s exactly what I said the moment I woke up. Universal Studios Hollywood!? Are you kidding?! I’m bursting with excitement! It’s been my dream to go there for EVER! Anyway it was a lovely hot day, so we went in our white Ford Mustang with the roof down to go to Hollywood. It took an hour to get there but there were lots of sights to see. We saw places where some movies had been filmed. After our drive we queued (in the car, welcome to America) for five or ten minutes. Then we parked the car and went to queue again to get our tickets… for ages, but it was worth it!

We went inside the gates of Universal and entered… IT WAS HUGE!!! I wanted to go on a roller coaster but boring old Mum said we had to go on the studio tour which me and Mog thought would be boring… but maybe not!? It was also the King Kong ride! We got in a tram and set off. It was so cool! We entered the cave of King Kong and watched a dinosaur appear and begin to jump on the tram! Morgan was a real wimp and sat on Mum’s lap closing his eyes. Whilst I got covered in spit (water) as two of the dinos began to fight until… KING KONG CAME!!! He attacked the dinos throwing them at the tram, then climbing over us. Then things got worse… we were knocked off the cliff and fell into some vines, being swayed back and forth and back and forth… until we went flying out of the cave. Then we carried on in the tram, seeing flash floods, flying cars with explosions , an earthquake, Jaws and even some scenes from films.

Once the tram was done, we went to The Simpsons ride with Sideshow Bob and giant toxic Maggie! Then it was the Jurassic park ride with the big soaking splash at the end! Next, the Curse of the Mummy ride, then me and Dad went on the brilliant Transformers ride. After that it was the Shrek show and then the Waterworld show. Then we split up, Morgan went in the Curious George water park (in his boxers and socks) with Mum, whilst me and Dad went on the scariest thing I’ve ever been on called The House of Horrors! With freaky Chuckey dolls, werewolves, murderers and more! I was very pale after that maze so I went into the cartoon shop were I bought Mash, my best friend, a present! Then we decided we were all very hungry and worn out and it was getting late so we went to have tea. I had a hot dog and everyone else had a burger with fries. After our meal we went back to our house boat.

What a brilliant day!!! 🙂

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