In search of the perfect cup of coffee by Gilly

Yes folks, during our trip, this has been my quest! Let us begin from the beginning:

India – not much hope here, so black tea was my drink of choice. I ordered a coffee once and it was very milky and very, very sweet, much like the ‘chai’ the locals drink.

Borneo – had my hopes up here as they produce the stuff but after trying the local brew decided to stick to black tea.

Australia – my first great cup of coffee! Skinny flat white, delicious!

New Zealand – coffee heaven. Every cup I had, was fantastic.

America – home of the coffee drinkers. Yuk! Nasty stuff, how do they drink so much? Even tried the iced coffee hoping this may be their speciality but just got horrible black coffee with ice cubes.

Now I have to wait until I return to Marlborough and visit Levi at “The Armadillo” to have one of their delicious cappuccinos……

Skinny Flat white for mummy please.

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4 thoughts on “In search of the perfect cup of coffee by Gilly

  1. Even in Kona, Hawai’i… where the cherries are roasted and ground on site… the coffee was insipid.


  2. Ruth Fraser

    Gilly – try an iced blended mocha! Ruthx


  3. Sam

    Got an awful feeling Armadillo is no longer….however there’s a new Nero where Dash use to be!
    Can’t believe how the last 3 months have flown – please bring some nice weather home with you.


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