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The antidote to Blue Monday

They say – really, they do – that the third Monday in January is the worst working day of the year. Credit card bills have landed, salaries are yet to be paid, you’re struggling to lose the Christmas poundage, the work-year stretches out ahead towards apparent infinity. It’s cold, dark and (you’re) miserable.

This is of course complete bunkum, as The Guardian note here. Worse, it was part of a publicity campaign.

And yet. And yet… what if it is Blue Monday? What if it is going to be the the WORST… DAY… EVER?

I wasn’t taking any chances in 2015.

Hotel Du Vin to the rescue. Cast yourself back to the depths of autumn last year – around the shortest day perhaps – a marketing eMail lands from the Malmaison folk who offer a book-early-special-offer. Having been regaled with tales of a nice gaff in Poole so I was instantly tempted. Call it a moment of weakness. Moments later, I was on the phone to the babysitting service – who foolishly hadn’t anticipated the question: she was available – then several clicks hence and we were in. Partly because I’m a generous, romantic, forward thinking kind of guy. But mainly because it was cheap. Ninety-nine quid for dinner, B&B for two cheap.

Fast forward back to the present day and we find Mrs B is enjoying a pie lunch on the quayside at Poole at The Stable. We walk it off around the harbour, eyeing up the ridiculous/wonderful Sunseeker gin-palaces/motor-yachts across the way at their factory and the numerous cormorants fishing. It’s a crisp, sunny afternoon with barely a breath of breeze. All this vigorous exercise is a tiring business so we repair to our junior suite: La Grande Dame. “The Great Lady” has a bath in her room and a splendid Bose sound system. We have a sublimely relaxing Sunday afternoon.

(There is a photo. I won’t embarrass herself with the photo here. Feel free to get in touch if you are curious.)

We have a nice evening, good food and wake up on Blue Monday to skies which are, well, blue. One sumptuous breakfast later we check out and head over to Sandbanks. We park up on a side road and follow a footpath to the beach.

This shortest of poor quality videos shows the simple cure to dreadful January Mondays:

Annnnnd breathe.


If this Monday is the worst of the year, when’s the best? Just on/before midsummer apparently. (Says an ice cream manufacturer.)

And Finally…

I couldn’t write this without reference to the “other” Blue Monday.

Here’s 7 minutes and twenty six seconds of it:

That’s cheered me up too. WIN!

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