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Small World Take 2: New York City.

Now what are the chances….

Pay attention to the details here folks.

So it’s late September 2016 and business takes me to New York. [Important detail following.] It’s a new client. The client chose the dates, the client selected and booked the hotel. All I have to do is show up, follow instructions, do an excellent job.

Last time I was in New York was in 1999 when I asked the current Mrs Beer to marry me. Where? [Another important detail.] Top o’the Empire State Building of course.

She didn’t say yes immediately. But that’s another story.

Back to the present day I naturally find my way to the Spyglass Bar which tops the swanky Archer Hotel on West 37th. Here’s a picture from that bar.


Spyglass Bar view.


Empire State viewed from the Refinery rooftop bar.

So far so NYC right? Then things go all left field….

I go to bed of an evening and wake up 07.00 to an eMail that reads as follows:


Here’s that picture in full.


David’s piccy of the Empire State.

Allow me a moment to elaborate: I have just received a random eMail from auld pal David who I used to work with at Dell. I haven’t seen him for 3 years and haven’t seen his wife since the day I married in 2001.

My immediate – sleepy and jetlagged response – was to send him a note. Which said in essence: “That’s odd, I’m in New York too. At the Archer Hotel.”

Then the hotel phone rings. I blink at it for a few seconds before answering… The following words are 100% the conversation.

“Hello David.”

“Hello Ian.”

“See you downstairs for a coffee at 07.45?”


Now, I am no mathematician, but would love to know what the probabilities at play are here. (For me this has Infinite Improbability Drive overtones.)

Upon seeing wonderful David we boggle at the sheer chance of this encounter. Same hotel, same dates. Him sending me a piccy of the Empire State because his wife prompted him purely because she recalled the story from our wedding.

I can’t linger as it’s off to work for me so we reconvene for a pre-theatre drinkie – David & Tessa, not I alas – at the bar. Time for a selfie or two:




The lovely Clarks

Probability questions abound: For starters, how many hotels in NYC? What are the chances? They chose to be there, I was there by, er, accident: what are the chances? Why send me an eMail on the spot? Again, what are the chances?

One other thing.

29th September is the date that Gilly & I first got together.

PS: Not that this is the first time I’ve bumped into people from my past. Check this from New Zealand in 2012 Small world.

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