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Where in the world Wednesday

A good company I do stuff for are running a #whereareyouwednesday thing and it’s attracted all sorts of posts in real time. Y’know, selfies from Sri Lanka to Teeside to “@ my bloody desk”. On Twitter the hashtag attracts posts from forgettable to enviable to  what-on-earth-able and back again.

This got me thinking to my whereabouts on each successive Wednesday so far in 2016 starting from the first week of January.

Bracknell – Leeds – Home* – Manchester – Leeds – Edinburgh – Rome – Home X 5 – Birmingham – Edinburgh – Gloucester – Edinburgh – Reykjavik – Gloucester – Bristol – Gloucester – Nottingham – Barcelona – Home – Gloucester – Macclesfield – Worcester – Heathrow (Airport Hotel) – Bracknell – City of London – Croydon – Nottingham – Livingston – Rustington – Copenhagen – Home X 2 – Lisbon – Manhattan – Bracknell – Ohrid (Macedonia) – Home – Phoenix (Arizona) – Middlesborough – Home – Poole – Middlesborough: today, Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

And it’s only November.

Just time to sneak in a probable Dartford, a cheeky Bracknell but yearning a turned down Houston Texas before a home for Crimble #notgoinganywhere.

Not a rigorous exercise I admit – how many Wednesdays so far this year? – but it kind of reflects how busy I’ve been. Where busyness is not necessarily a good thing. If only someone would write a practical and readable book about that. What’s that? Tony Crabbe has?

Am going to lie down now. Here’s a relaxing photo from a Wednesday in May at the Blue Lagoon.


Okay, it was a Sunday when we marinaded. But we drove past it on the following Wednesday.

*Home = Wiltshire by the way, just north of Marlborough.


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