What time is it? Korean time

Funny old thing jetlag. It’s been a while since the 4 Beers have registered on the intrepid scale, but jetlag is telling me that we’re up to something right now.

We bordered Asiana 522 at 20.40 last night and now it’s 16.40 in Seoul.  11 hours later.


OZ522 at LHR 2nd April 20`7

Still, it was a pleasant enough flight and although a 21st Century temple to where-in-the-world-could-be-anywhere airports, the good burghers of Incheon like to put on a show.

A reenactment of a royal procession, a string trio & piano and local soloists. Surreal.

To think a couple of hours ago we were 37,000′ over Ulanbataar.

Let the adventure begin: next stop Osaka!

Somewhere over Mongolia

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2 thoughts on “What time is it? Korean time

  1. mum

    The first stage over – the best and exciting time to come!


  2. Stella

    Hope you’re getting over the jetlag! Looking forward to following your journey and seeing lots of photos!


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