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A wet Bank Holiday Sunday @ Bunce’s

The tiny cafe at 100 High Street Marlborough has been through various guises as an eatery. Let’s support the current folk – Bunce’s – in making it last. Why? Well, for starters, because the grub is bloody marvelous.

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Bunce’s own photo from https://www.facebook.com/buncesbakehouse

I am slowly working through their attractively limited choice menu. This takes a) discipline because the want to return to a previous dish is strong and b) money. Where the (most excellent) coffee is priced as per’ the food menu is (relatively) expensive.

Context: we are within 30m of a den of guilty pleasures (aka Greggs). 
But then we are also across the road from a Rick Stein's...

Savoury portion sizes are adequate at first sight yet here I am an hour later still sated. Funny creatures the dining public: how come we put up with meh food for a fiver, baulk at nirvana for £7.95 yet splurge £20+ for something no better?

So despite my long pockets, short arms fiscal leaning, indulging in a Bunce’s Mushroom on Toast has made me ever so happy. Especially on a classically British late-August Bank Holiday Sunday. IE: It’s pouring with rain where a belly full’o’food is just the thing. Mushroom on Toast? Really. Yes, really. Eggs and sour cream also joined in, as did parsley. All good quality. Although if I could make such workaday ingredients sing like this I’d never leave my own kitchen, lost in a food-porn dungeon of my own design. (See also their Hash Benedict and Trout on Sourdough.) Congratulations Bunce’s on sticking to a few oh-so-high quality dishes instead of resorting to popty ping cookery.

Don’t take my word for it; give them a whirl. Help them thrive as a classy, friendly, viable, independent, vibrant business. Don’t force them to dumb down, needlessly expand their menu nor accommodate your fussiness go with their minimalist menu and prepare to be delighted.

And I haven’t even mentioned the cakeyness.

Ooooh, the cake.


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