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2019? Mind ALREADY blown

No need to travel this year gang.

I mean, why leave town when the future has come to us?

No, no, I’m not talking about politics. The latest technology perhaps? Again, no. Netflix binge? Whilst I am immensely enjoying the MARS docu-drama – in conjunction with the National Geographic they tell me – that’s normal business now: no news there.

What I am referring to is Veganuary. More specifically to the pinch-me-is-it real INNOVATION that is (are?) the Waitrose fish’less’fingers.




Ohhhh. Yeeeahhh.

And although we haven’t eaten them yet, I am so very super-excited that I’ve gone online to be the maiden reviewer on as you can see here:

fishless fingers

Whilst I haven’t opened the plastic packaging yet, it’s already a catering coup at chez Biere. (Am not sure an endangered turtle is going to see the irony in vegan fish’less ‘fingers as he chokes on a wrapper that takes eons to bio-degrade when it somehow gets into the food web, but you can’t please everybody.) What I can definitely say is that they are quite delicious by dint of the fact I am deffo saving the planet by eating them.

fishless fingers packaging

They even have special apostrophes on the pack: see!?

Yay Veganuary.

In the store I had quite an exchange with a lovely ‘Partner:

Me: Hullo, do you have, er, Fishless Fingers?

Partner: [Walks a few steps to the chiller shelf and gestures helpfully.]

Me: Oooh, thanks. [Pause.] Are they sustainably sourced? [Nothing. Short pause.] Dolphin Friendly? [Nothing. Short pause.] Crikey! Three-pounds-nineteen? It’d be cheaper for me to buy my own trawler! [Snorts I.]

Partner: [Blank expression.]

Me: [Cheeery, now armed with Tofu ‘fingers] B-byeee!

Twenty-Nineteen is going to be awesome, I can taste it.


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