Origami & Cocktails on a Friday night

“The advantages of simple origami are twofold…”

Tim Vine, Punmeister General.

Of all the Friday par-tay activities, for some reason we’ve never ticked the origami and cocktails box until now. Silly now that I write it, because it’s standard out fayre these days isn’t it?

Isn’t it? Oh. (I am recklessly out of touch mind. Who knows what the hipster/bleeding edge/in-the-know crowd are up to in these crazy times.)

Before we go further, it was a pre-booked one-off event. If you turn up peckish and thirsty with an armful of card next Friday…

We arrive with light trepidation at (firm favourite) Bunce’s on Marlborough High Street on a gloomy November night. Brightening our mood immediately Sophie and the gang provide their twist on Kir Royal: quince juice with fizz. Soon we – a neat ten – are sat round a communal table armed with little more than brightly coloured paper and clueless enthusiasm.

Tutor Ruth took us gently and patiently through some simple origami techniques. Meanwhile Sophie’s team provided surprising and delightful finger food washed down with matching dangerously quaffable cocktails. What could possibly go wrong?

Kir, Disaronno Sour, a Vodka Peppercorn & ginger one, finishing with a Espresso Martini with pud’.

(You’ll note reading the above line that we were quite certain of cocktail #1, less bothered and in the swing of folding for #2, gently pickled and really note caring for #3 and jolted into tipsy 100% awake by #4.)

The food? Wow.

Bunce’s have a way of serving up food combos that your ear says “that just won’t work”, but your palate does little somersaults of joy.

The first was an artichoke soup with added apple and magic. I’m going to have to ask exactly what was in it, but it was given the moniker “Christmas in a mug” by my neighbour: perfect. Next were “cheesy-fish-profiteroles”, then cauliflower cheese balls, duck bites with pumpkin ketchup. The roast new spuds with sour cream arrived as the alcofrolic erects were setting chin. We gorged unselfconsciously on these to soak up the booze.

By now we had a joyous mess of colourful paper sculpture strewn across the table. The mood? Kindergarten-down-the-pub. Hazy appreciation of the art of origami and a conversation about architecture was sensibly interrupted by dessert. Fab’ little apple meringue towers with teeny dense, gooey brownies washed away with a weapons grade Espresso Martini.

No, we are not origami ninjas but, yes, we had a most excellent time.

The peak of the evening came off camera when “our driver” came to collect. G proudly, triumphantly showed a folded piece of primary colour A4 channeling a excited “TA-DA!” This was met with the kind of out-loud eye roll that only teenage offspring can manage.

Suggestions for next time please.

I’ll kick off: “Yoga and Real Ale.”



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