VR is not Virtual Reality, it’s AR.

A splendid (self-described) stalker – henceforth referred to as H – called up and told tales of big changes at t’mill. I pinned my ears back: “do tell…”

VR is the thing. They call it Voluntary Redundancy. I call it being given money to go away.

Naturally H is having none of it. Bright, capable, skilled, personable, loyal and with a work pattern that suits the youngsters-at-home lifestyle.

Commendable, sensible, right thinking.

Although to the modern world VR is more commonly known as Virtual Reality, right?


Can we call it something else here? Howsabout AR? Actual Reality.

The AR of the situation is that H could get another job. A good one. Take time out and do different.

The AR is don’t stay, the AR is, well, go!

Case Study of what to do with £23K.

In 2012 a family of our mutual acquaintance – The 4 Beers in point of fact – bought a quartet of tickets and spent 3 months on the road.

AKA: Sabbatical. Big Trip. Escape. Adventure.

Why… you can read about it in this very blog. It was, for want of a better term, EPIC. It educated the offspring, stimulated the grown ups and – in the best possible way – changed us.

So when I said to H “I am not the person to speak to for sensible advice”, I really meant it.


This life is not a rehearsal.

I say take the money and, if not exactly run, stride forcefully to the exit without a backward glance. Pause briefly at home to pack a small backpack and get a taxi to the nearest port.


Spend a few months truly getting to know your self, your family, your planet. It is time well spent. After all, you are being offered funds.

It cost us <£20K all in (at 2012 prices).

Its value? Priceless.

In hindsight, we should’ve kept going. With more funds and a little more chutzpah we would have. In fact, I’d advise 6 months as a reasonable duration because “Around the world in 84 days” is quite a clip. It’s like a series of breathless long weekend getaways all strung together.)

So as H painted a picture, all I could see was a gift of £23K that could be spent on enriching the family, building confidence, getting out there

H: sorrynotsorry for complicating things.


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