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Catspiracy Theory exposed: click here for the truth!

So our family cat – Milly – called it a day a month ago after fifteen years of strutting her inimitable stuff. Mere days before the lock-down started.

I call foul. I cry conspiracy!

Here’s my evidence:

Cats have nine lives yeah? So how come this – so called – pandemic affects humans not felines right? I know! It’s a cover up that’s what it is. Her feisty-ness was legendary round these parts. Here’s proof: living on a country bus route not a week would go by without a double-decker stopping as she lay at full stretch in the middle of the road. Feisty? Nay, fearless. Only when she was finished having a lie down could the public could complete their journeys. So if a 20 ton bus couldn’t see her off… I know! Deny this – so called – government.

You can’t.

Cover up.

Then watched that Tiger King last week – dunno, had some time on my hands – and it got me thinking. Did Carol *&€^ing Baskin really feed her first husband to a big cat? It’s all too neat. Too easy. There must be another explanation. You can see where this is going yeah? It’s all to do with cats.

Then there was this thing on YouTube. I watched it to 3AM – without going for a wee, which was a challenge – and there is video after video after video agreeing with the thing that I had been watching in the first place before I nodded off. Of course, no governments, scientists, credible authors nor anyone with any form of certified education agrees with these videos. That would be too easy. You have to go on FACEBOOK to find evidence where there’s lots of true facts about it. I know! It simply screams “cover up”. The government and that shadowy illuminar, no allumin, no the illumiparty are behind it they are. They are out to get us. Them and the KGB, Mossad and – I watched that East Berlin documentary, Atomic Blonde – the Stasi.

Then there’s them videos of cats walking through a corridor with balanced pens no problem. I know! It’s not as if dogs can do it, right?

So our cat, right. It wasn’t natural causes. She faked it because she couldn’t face being at home with a house full of humans for a month plus.

Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve got all the evidence I need.


The above STILL makes more sense than the utter bollocks about 5G causing coronovirus.

Anyway, below is really what you came here for. Milly pictures.

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