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Wiltshire? You look…nice.

The ‘shire is usually a demure, wallflower, unshowy kinda English county. No boastful peaks, epic beaches, jagged cliffs. Even the nomenclature is humdrum: to the south we have “plains” and, to the north, “downs.”

Today though… Well, hello beautiful.

May is quietly spectacular here. Every year surely, but May 2020 in particular. Little (air/road) traffic means you can hear the diversity of birdsong, the noisy lambs and on a delightfully warm, sunny, still early morning walk the floral aromas reach out. My photography is (rightly) not famous but the colours captured should be.

Topographically modest, agricultural and not given to making a fuss, the Marlborough Downs pop in springtime. The lockdown has given us the silver lining of real-time witnessing the day-by-day unfolding of the spring narrative. Instead of merely visiting a village home, we experience the land, nature and appreciate it. Bravo, what a show. Even at the helm of our business Global Operations Nerve Centre/international webinar studio – AKA desk in garden shed – the birds, bumble bees, miner bees, shrubs, trees are all in my sight-line. Then later, we have bats whirling around and – big finish, widescreen wow – the dark skies here offer the most incredible starscape.

Pandemic stalks our land, but ohhhh my, thank you Wiltshire, you have put on a show.

Here’s a taster slideshow: #nofilter

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The M4 cuts across the north of the county near here. When the pandemic is still fresh in the memory, how long before people mindlessly create the perma-queues in their shiny metal boxes to get to that meeting in Slough? Folks, Wiltshire will still be here as you whizz through: you still won’t notice.

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