We are the Beers

We are the Beers.

(No, no: it’s our surname, not some drinking club.)

Self portrait circa 2011

Gilly, Ian, Josie & Morgan: a British family on tour. Our mission/thing is to undertake family trips to remember that will educate us, broaden our minds, be lots of fun and help us realise what really matters.

Pre kids we traveled a lot both with work and on our own dollar. In 2012 four of us raided the piggy bank, got a hall-pass (from school & work), got a house sitter and set off to lap the globe.

February 2012 we headed east from rural Wiltshire to Heathrow where we took to the skies… only to return 84 days, every time zone and some 28 thousand miles later from the west.

Yes, it was top banana. And yes, we were (and still are are) very, very fortunate folk.

This blog was set up so that we’d scrawl about our experiences as a family on the move. Recording and diarising primarily as a travelogue for ourselves, plus those who are interested to follow us. Expect posts from any one of us although the default scribe turned out to be Mr Beer.

Feel free to subscribe and get in touch by using the comments function.

Lots of love

The 4 Beers


21 thoughts on “We are the Beers

  1. The Mollets

    I hope you enjoy Glen’s yurt!


    • How time flies… at your place in January you commented on our blog: “I hope you enjoy Glen’s yurt!”

      Well, it’s April now and we are very glad Glen let us use his tent. It’s 30′ across, got wifi and a view of the Pacific. It’s also built on a (cold, hard 1920s) lava field that melted it’s way up/along/across from underneath/around us. (Terribly difficult to describe where the volcano is when the whole bloody island is a volcano.) This remote community is on the slopes of Mauna Loa: the world’s biggest volcano. Mercifully it’s quiet these days…

      The Beers

      PS: I’ll recount the story of Ranger Travis at the National Park and his nose flute another time.


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  3. Davinia

    Have a fab time! X


  4. Sarah Bieneman

    Hi the Beers From the Bienemans!! Josie i miss you!! Have a great time!! I’m so glad I can see how your adventures begin and end! Love u Josie!!From Beaxxxx


    • I miss you to!!! I’m having a lovely time in Borneo but it’s very hot!!! At the moment we are having tea in a luxury apartment ready to go to bed!!! Love Josie!!!xxxxx


  5. Levi

    Hello Beers!

    Glad to see you are having a good time. You still should have taken me with you! Have you discovered a cappuccino as good as mine… I think not 🙂

    Have fun. Keep posting.

    Miss you.

    Levi x


    • Everywhere we go she searches and searches, but a better coffee cannot be found…


    • Just drinking a large cappuccino on the rooftop cafe at the Nak hotel in Sandakan, Borneo. Best yet but still not as good as yours!!! Australia next…..
      Gilly xx


      • Levi Shaw


        See I told you….I am the Coffee Goddess!! lol

        Ohhh so wish I was there! It sounds SO amazing!!!

        Levi xxx


      • Oh no!!! Australia make the best coffee – flat white – which is like a cappuccino but with less froth and no chocolate, delicious! Still loving yours though!!! Hope all is well in Marlborough. New Zealand next…
        Gilly xx


  6. Kate Hunter

    Well hallo mister Beer (and The Fam!)…. I thought I’d take a peek to see if you’d had chance to update and leave a blog or two. I should have known you would have almost written a book by now. I can see a new career lined up for you on your return. Looks like you’re having an amazing time.

    Same old here of course. I’m sure you will be missing us chronically. Feel free to dial in to the CSME meeting tomorrow eh?
    O.k, maybe not!!!
    Laters x


  7. Nancy Dean

    Your blog is my nightly entertainment. I learn things and giggle alot.So good to hear and see what you all are doing, it makes me want to just pack a rucksack and go..miss you lots.. love Nancy xx


    • Grab your bag… grab a cheap flight… we’ll see you in Brisbane on Saturday morning.
      We’ll meet you at the big coffee shop at Arrivals, ok?

      Wear a big hat so we can spot you, the kids will have a placard with your name on it.
      The Beers


  8. Nancy Dean

    I wish…if only it was that simple..next time maybe…nxx


  9. ollie.m

    hello there ollie here im wondering if you have tried any new foods or met some animals and how was it
    when you cuddeld a kawala i wish i ws there too but have you met any giant spiders or the leeches that morgan was worried about.

    ps.when are you getting back

    from ollie


    • Hi Ollie, Josie & Morgan’s dad here.
      they have tried all sorts of new foods. How do you fancy eating kangaroo?
      We only saw one teeny little leech – it didn’t bite – and in Australia we saw loads of big spiders… but Morgan was fine.
      We are back in early May.


  10. Rich Claridge

    Great trip guys. Very jealous of all 4 of you. Just brilliant.

    P.S. Ian, check your Facebook messages if you can. 🙂


  11. G/Pat.

    Bit slow on the uptake – have only just spotted the ‘About us’ flag top right of your blogs – what a dope. Love all the above comments.


  12. Debs, Chris and Roo

    showing mum how to use dads new toy! …. The IPad so thought we’d log on and send you a message. Roo is very keen to get his fingers all over it.. Here we go …. bguiilf f! Writing this before reading your latest blogs so we are wishing you all a really safe journey back. Ps Thank you very much for my and grans birthday cards, how organised are you!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, the Mulletts and Youngs xx


  13. Hilda

    I have no idea how I never saw this before but wow. You are a tricky inspirational family.
    Looking forward to this years installment.
    Have fun.


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